Team360 3 Day Challenge

Program Concept & Details

Starting a Business Japan? We've got Good News!


Being an (aspiring) entrepreneur in Japan can be tough. Besides the obvious language barrier and cultural differences, you also need to work within a startup environment that is a lot less matured when compared to the US or Europe for example. However, entrepreneurship has been gaining more ground in Japan in recent years, as the Japanese government has also started looking more at entrepreneurs for economic growth and the creation of jobs instead of focusing only on big corporations. Consecutively, with this gradual rise of entrepreneurship, there has also been a significant increase in the number of accelerator programs available to entrepreneurs. Most of these accelerators are currently mainly focused on IT/Tech startups that are in need for a quick seed investment. So what about the entrepreneurs who don't have background in IT and before receiving some form of investment are in need of brushing up their business idea and forming a team? For these entrepreneurs Impact HUB Tokyo has developed Team360, a unique program that enables you accelerate the ideation phase of your business together with other entrepreneurs.


Team360 - Accelerating Entrepreneurs through Team-Learning


One of the main characteristics of Team360 is that the program focuses heavily on team-learning. Each entrepreneur who joins the program brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table, which he/she can share with others. Forming a team together with entrepreneurs who are at a similar stage as you and receiving feedback from literally all directions (360 degrees) on your target customer, value proposition and business model etc., is a very efficient and effective way to accelerate your business (idea).

Team360 Bootcamp Version: The 3 Day Challenge

Over the last 3 years Impact HUB Tokyo has run its Team360 program 7 times, having resulted in 60 entrepreneurs who have successfully graduated from the program. The program is usually 3 months long and features a variety of sessions/workshops which include: addressing an entrepreneur's WHY question, customer discovery, business model canvas, cash flow, pitch practice and mentors.

Recently, Impact HUB Tokyo also started offering the 3 Day Challenge. This is a condensed version of the Team360 main program and designed for entrepreneurs for whom its difficult to commit to a full 3 month program. The 3 Day Challenge is therefore the perfect short term bootcamp for entrepreneurs who are looking to quickly brush up their business idea and gain a clear understanding of the steps to take from now in order to make this idea into an acutal business.


We would therefore like to invite all English speaking (aspiring) entrepreneurs who have an ambitious idea for a business to join us for the 3 Day Challenge at the end of August 2016 (application details below).

Work from within a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem - Impact HUB Tokyo

Besides accelerator programs, events and meetups, Impact HUB Tokyo does also offer a unique coworking space for its members to work.

The 3 Day Challenge does also include coworking time, so during the program you are able to make use of our space/facilities like a regular member. This includes: access to our coworking space, lounge area, kitchen and free coffee and tea.

If you are interested in joining our entreprenerial community after the program, please let us know. We have a variety of memberships that we can offer to you based on your needs. We hope to welcome you in our community soon!